Creating exemplar

education ecosystems

Enabling teachers to bring out the champion

in every child

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Who we are

We are an Indian education non-profit, that is working to transform the state of public education in the country.

With a successful track record of over 5 years, we have been humbled with the national and international recognition and support our work has received.


What we do

We partner with local and state governments to create Exemplar Education Ecosystems – enabling teachers to focus on student learning outcomes.

In this Ecosystem, we:

  • build exemplar schools, to showcase the change that is possible
  • develop teacher skills, through training and coaching
  • work with the broader system to effectively mentor and monitor teachers

How you can help

For truly unlocking the potential of our solution, we believe in bringing together governments, corporates and other non-profits in the spirit of true partnership and collaboration.

You can support us through sponsoring our work, partnering with us in our programmes, or perhaps, join us full-time?


Alleviating COVID Impact Across the Ecosystem

Peepul (an education non-profit working across Delhi and Madhya Pradesh) has reorganized themselves completely to deal with COVID, with the organization bandwidth and resources split across (1) short term, (2) medium term and (3) long term response measures.

Media Coverage

Prominent Change Makers Under The Age Of 40 Honoured

The hunt for the 40 most disruptive founders, funders, corporate leaders and change-makers has ended. 40 awards and 3 special mentions were awarded after a rigorous jury process at the third edition of BW Businessworld 40 under 40 Awards in association with BW Disrupt.

Our approach

Through our programmes , we look to create Exemplar Education Ecosystems in government systems

At the core of what we do, we look to create


Meaningful Teacher-Student Interaction

A teacher is a vehicle for transmission of knowledge and skills, and we believe that it is the meaningful teacher-student interaction through which the child is engaged, and is able to attain the necessary learning outcomes.

Towards this, we use four interconnected interventions

A visual exemplar

A bright spot in the government system, to build belief in the drastic
improvement possible, and showcase how excellence could look like.


We work with government officials across levels to help teachers
implement what they have learnt, overcome barriers to change, and
build their aspirations.

Skill development

We build the skills of the teacher, through practical, bite sized
training sessions, and creating learning communities.


We build and leverage avenues of accountability, to build accountability in the teacher for learning outcomes.

Our reach and impact

400,000+ students

10,000+ teachers

1,000+ Government officials

Our programmes

Certifications & Accreditations

Our partners