The COVID-19 Crisis

A Triple Whammy For the Poor

The poorest are highly vulnerable to being infected – with lack of access to running water, poor hygiene in communities and the lack of ability to ‘socially distance’.

The country has gone into a sudden, extended lockdown of a month+.

Many are left without income and livelihoods, running out of rations and without money to pay for groceries and rent.

Poor students have also discontinued education, as schools have been closed since early March – and will continue to be so likely for 3+ months going ahead.

Government schools and students are grappling with new ways of working, to build necessary tools and infrastructure for distance learning.

Alleviating the COVID impact
Across the Education Ecosystem






Community Support : Short-term

Ensuring relief on the ground to the communities we work with, i.e. the families and friends of the 1000 children in the three Peepul exemplar schools.

   Direct money transfers into the Bank accounts of the neediest parents

   Delivery of groceries and rations through tie-ups with Feeding India


   Sharing critical information: Govt. relief schemes, COVID safety measures, cooked food distribution centers


Reach & Teach : Medium-term

Discontinuing education during this period could have severe impact on children’s learning.

Peepul is helping the South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC, with ~6000 teachers and ~250,000 students) in reaching out to its students through parents’ phones and the internet to provide them with quality education.

  Exciting, attractive and relevant material curated and created by Peepul teachers

  Sent in a systematic and easy-to-understand manner

  These digital lessons can also be supported by parents

e-Training Capsules : Long-term

Peepul is building a digital teacher awareness, support and training solution, that enables teachers to deal with the current crisis, gain awareness and become prepared for their return to classrooms – learning the basics of managing every child in their classroom sensitively and effectively, building their foundational understanding of how students learn, and helping them develop a deeper knowledge of the subjects they teach, so they can become true educators to their students.

This program is rolling out in Delhi and Madhya Pradesh by end-April, and will impact 300,000+ teachers across a 100,000+ government schools.

    Curated, digital course packages, focused on a typical government teachers’ realities and needs

Curated by a top team of experts in education, child psychology, special education needs, digital instructional design and adult learning