Partner with Us

Our work is reaching out to 800 children and 225 teachers in Delhi and to 25,000 schools in Madhya Pradesh.

After the success of the partnership schools and teacher training pilot in Delhi, we are looking to expand these programmes to other geographies within India and become a national non-profit working to impact the lives of children from across the country.


We are looking for corporates and foundations to partner with us, thus giving us the opportunity to reach out to many more children.

Our funding partners

In the last 3 years, we have entered into successful partnerships with several corporates and international foundations for a financial contribution towards our programme expenses.

Our programme partners

How can your organisation or foundation partner with us?

Adopt a school in our Delhi network

Our network of schools in India is an important step on the long road towards addressing the educational disadvantage and inequality in India. Our 3 schools support 800 children who are provided fee-free quality education. We are looking for supporters who will help us by adopting one of our 3 schools and becoming Anchor Sponsors of our network. This includes supporting the costs of school leadership, teaching, classroom material, in-service training and all other related costs.

Deepen the impact of our teacher training programme

During 2018-19, our focus will be to codify our teaching training programme and develop modules that can be integrated into the government’s training programme to widen the impact of our work. In addition to training 225 South Delhi Municipal Corporation teachers, this year we also plan to initiate training for school leadership to work across the pyramid and ensure there is whole school transformation by way of our capacity building work.

Support Peepul’s expansion in new states

To scale our model, we are working with the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) to codify our partnership schools programme and plan for replication in other states. We plan to do this by preparing guidelines for strengthening schools within the government system and its constraints, while also establishing clear accountability and metrics for student learning. Support for our expansion work will enable us to continue to develop our model for our future network of more schools, enabling us to widen our reach within the country.

Write to us at for more details. We would appreciate the opportunity to meet with you and explore a possible partnership.