School Quality Assurance

About the Programme

While Madhya Pradesh has made progress in improving school infrastructure, the quality of student learning remains poor. For schools to improve, it is important that they assess their progress regularly. The poor learning outcomes led the Government of Madhya Pradesh (GoMP) to focus on whole school assessment and improvement across its 125,000 schools.

We partnered with GoMP in 2014 to create this school inspection system that would measure school quality and then track school-level improvement.

Programme Objectives:

  • To develop a holistic framework to measure school quality so that schools go beyond infrastructure and focus on measuring the quality of teaching and learning.
  • To support the implementation of this programme at scale by building the capacity of the district administrative officials and education officers.
  • To track school improvement over time through dashboards and data.

How It Works

The schools conduct a detailed self-assessment, which is validated by external assessors. The assessors discuss their findings to create a targeted school development plan and identify areas of improvement. Progress is tracked over time through semi-annual school-level follow-ups by district education officers.

Shala Siddhi
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We started this programme with a pilot of 100 schools which was expanded to 25,000 schools in 2017. We have trained over 600 state and district level officials on school assessments as well as facilitated trainings and workshops for around 15,000 Principals, cluster academic coordinators and block academic coordinators.

To ensure that the data can be used effectively, we have created a technology portal to help the state monitor overall school progress and identify the areas of support they need from the education department. This technology portal was launched by the Chief Minister of MP on February 3, 2018.