Student Spotlight: Sameer

In April 2016, Sameer (name changed) joined his first school – Peepul Lajpat Nagar. The way things started was far from promising. He did not enjoy being in school, and found it extremely difficult to follow instructions and obey rules. He would constantly try to run away from the school, and would cry for days at a time.

His teachers and principal took measures to try and help Sameer settle in well. Initially, he would be encouraged with toys. A special pictorial time table was made for him, and he was given the flexibility of choosing when to be in class. When not in class, he was given simple yet engaging tasks, which he began to enjoy. He took great interest in playing with Lego, and is still proud to show off his creations.

A student of Grade 2 now, Sameer feels comfortable in his environment, and is happy in the classroom. He enjoys the creativity that he has the opportunity to express, and has shown development academically too. As we continue to expand our influence, there will be many more like Sameer, and we will continue to do our best to help them give their best.

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