Teacher Feature: Tanya

Tanya has been teaching at Peepul Lajpat Nagar since it opened, in July 2015. After graduating from school, she chose to pursue a B.El. Ed, which opened her eyes to the world of teaching. While undertaking this course, she had the opportunity to work with children, and began to enjoy the process of teaching.

When she joined Peepul, she faced new challenges, the biggest of which was the children’s behaviour. Each of them came from a different background, and it was extremely difficult to teach them to follow rules and to help them form habits. However, soon they settled in, and not only did they behave well, but they were also quick learners. Tanya says that she can see the change in each of them on a daily basis, and their happiness that comes from learning gives her a feeling of satisfaction. She too continues to learn with each passing day.

As for the future of her pupils, Tanya is not worried at all. She feels that not only will they succeed academically, they will grow into confident, creative, empathetic and responsible citizens. The school teaches them how to respect one another, a lesson that she feels will hold them in good stead in the future.

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