Teacher Training

Educating teachers

Great teachers are what make a great school. There is no substitute for quality, and Peepul aims to help good teachers develop into great teachers, capable of imparting knowledge to their students in the most effective way.

Peepul works with teachers to help them build their skills and expertise so that they can become more effective in the classroom. We use lesson observations, hands-on practice and role-plays to ensure teachers absorb the training and are able to immediately apply the learning to their classrooms.

In 2017, we partnered with South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) to develop the foundational knowledge, skills and mindsets of teachers through a hands-on teacher training programme that has a significant component of coaching and classroom observation. This year, we will be working with 400 government teachers, across 150 schools, impacting close to 18,000 students.

Our teacher training programme comprises 9 days of training for every teacher over the year. There will be 3 modules of in-service training – each module being delivered over a span of 3 days. These modules are:

  • Lesson planning
  • Classroom management
  • Teacher presence

Components of the programme

Guided Reflections

We help teachers reflect on their purpose and get clarity on their role towards building a better society.

Best Practice Sharing

We encourage sharing of successful models and have created a platform where they learn from each other.

Role Modeling

We provide an opportunity for them to observe and learn from the best teachers at our Resource Centre.

Pedagogy Training

We provide direct instructions related to curriculum and pedagogy from experts in the education sector.

Areas of Instructional Support

  • Teaching English language using phonics.
  • Teaching Maths using the CPA (Concrete, Pictorial, and Abstract) approach.
  • Learning to be Effective Planners.
  • Learning to build a strong classroom culture.

Teachers Say