Our Approach

The problem

A broken enrolment-to-attainment chain

Over the last few decades in India, the focus of the entire public education system has been focused on access and enrolment – today, we have 113 million students enrolled in 1.5 million government schools, that dot the landscape of India.

However, according to the ASER Report 2018, nearly half the students in Class 5 cannot read a class 2 textbook or do the simple mathematical operation of subtraction.

The Core Missing Element

Meaningful Teacher-Student Interaction

We believe that the missing element is a “meaningful teacher-student interaction”.

A teacher is a vehicle for transmission of knowledge and skills, and it is the interaction through which the child is engaged, and is able to attain the necessary learning outcomes.

Our solution

Creating exemplar education ecosystems

We work to enable a meaningful teacher-student interaction, that will engage the child, motivate the teacher and enable attainment.

We understand that creating that space for a meaningful teacher-student interaction requires rallying the ecosystem towards enabling it.

And for this, we use four interconnected interventions

Through our programmes, we look to create Exemplar Education Ecosystems in government systems